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The Brand Stylist: How to create a website that sells

I love this post by Fiona from The Brand Stylist on How to create a website that sells. Fiona touches on the many things that need to be considered when you build out your site and stresses the focus on working out exactly who your site is targeting and what you want it to do for your business. So many people dive into sites without thinking this through properly and this highlights some great considerations. ~ Jess


Emtalks 12 Tips from RewardStyle's Influencer Conference in Dallas

Emtalks has recapped an event run by Affiliate programme Reward Style that was hosted recently over in Dallas. Here are 12 tips to help bloggers and brands build their influencer marketing strategy. With the industry changing by the minute, these kind of recaps are super useful! ~ Jess

Sophie Milner's Twitter Thread on influencer payment

There are several great discussions on Twitter about the influencer marketing industry and Sophie Milner's one here is a perfect example of why we've started up be.more.HIVE - Jess

Red's article on how Instagram is being used to grow businesses

Instagram is continuing to get a lot of stick but it still remains a crucial tool for growing your business. This is a great example of a small brand using Instagram to scale and grow ~ Jess

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