What do we mean when we talk about Influencer Marketing? Who/what are Influencers? What does Engagement mean? What is the difference between Editorial and Advertorial content?

We've got you covered with our Be More Hive glossary..

Hive (haɪv)

n., v. hived, hiv•ing. n.
1. a community of creatives
2. a safe place to share thoughts on the industry without being in the eye of the general public
3. a space for creative collaboration
4. support and networking from like-minded community-driven industry folk

Influencer (in-floo-uh-en-ser)

n., v.influenced, influencing. n.
1. a person who has established credibility from an engaged audience
2. someone who facilitates purchase decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position or relationship
3. an online content creator, creating content geared to a specific audience

Activation (ack-tee-vay-shurn)

n., v. activate, activating.  n.

1. the outcome of a collaborative campaign coming to life
2. the art of driving consumer interaction and engagement through specific campaigns and experiences

Advertorial (add-vur-tour-real)

n., advertorial. n.

1. a paid for advertisement, either online or in print, that has been written in an editorial  or objective journalistic style

Affiliate Marketing (ur-fee-lee-yert mar-kit-ting)

n., affiliate marketing. n.

1. an online retailers tool to pay commission to an external website (or blog) in return for traffic or sales generate from its referrals

Click-through-rate (CTR)

n., click through rate. n.

1.the number of visitors to a website who are directed there by a link from another site.

Community (com-mune-nitty)

n., community. n.

1.a collective of like-minded folk, working together and supporting one another.

Content (con-tent)

n., content. n.

1.what an influencer or brand creates to engage their audience

Disclosure (diss-clo-shur)

n., disclosure. n.

1. the art of being up front and honest about paid collaborations and the way you work with brands with your audience so as not to deceive them

Editorial (ed-e-taw-ree-al)

n., editorial. n.

1. content that has not been paid for and is written from the perspective of the writer/content creator/influencer/journalist

Engagement (in-gaje-murnt)

n., engagement. n.

1. the number of people who interact with published content, through likes and comments or click throughs to the website

Flatlay (flat-lay)

n., flatlay. n.

1. a styled set up with props geared to a certain theme or story and photographed from over head.

Micro-influencer (my-crow in-floo-uh-en-ser)

n., micro influencer. n.

1. an influencer that might have a smaller following but a higher percentage of their audience is engaged with their content

Reach (ree-ch)

n., reach. n.

1. the number of people an influencer targets through their content

SEO (search engine optimisation)

n., SEO. n.

1.the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Tracking Links (track-ing links)

n., tracking links. n.

1. A tracker URL is a link that redirects users to a specific webpage when clicked. By clicking on the link, it is able to gather information on users based on IP addresses. The tracker URL can then transform the data into user profiles.

User Generated Content (UGC) (yoo-zer jen-ur-ray-ted con-tent)

n., UGC. n.

1.content created by a brand or business' customers and shared on social media platforms

Return on Investment (ROI)

n., ROI. n.

1.the worth and value in the activities you've engaged with vs the investment you've put in to it


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